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Friday, April 29, 2005

What's with all the deaths, one after the other, and in varying fashion? It all started with Henry Lanot's death in a restaurant. Ciara Abalos died of a bacterial infection which led to multiple organ failure. Dr. Nicolo Echeverri, still part of the Abalos clan, was ambushed as he rode his car. [more]
01:57 PM GMT+8

The month of April, which is about to end, is still typically a Holy Week month. It is also still part of the summer season and temperatures start to rise even more. The nights get really humid even as kids enjoy their vacations from school. Speaking of school, parents also troop back for their kids' enrollment for the next school year which starts in June. [more]
01:30 PM GMT+8

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gerry Alanguilan of Wasted Comics fame writes to share with readers his comments about some Bohol resorts. He visited several resorts in one go last year so here's what he thought: [more]
06:52 PM GMT+8

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I was listening to Manang Rose on DZBB the other night and the guest doctor then was talking about wellness. According to the doctor, wellness is not just the absence of disease but is actually all about feeling good about yourself on a day-to-day basis. [more]
06:26 PM GMT+8

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The waiting is over and in only less than two days. While we all probably miss Pope John Paul II, I'm sure we're all glad that the Catholic Church now has a new leader -- Pope Benedict the XVI, in the person of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany. [more]
06:37 PM GMT+8

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

First, it was CAP. Now, it's Pacific Plans. This is not a problem twice or thrice removed from us. It's a headache we hear about from family members, friends -- that is, if you have so far been spared the difficulty of having to live with the fact that an institution which promised you something can no longer deliver on its promise. [more]
08:12 PM GMT+8

We received the following e-mail from Cookie Lee, my kid's former gym teacher. If you have time this weekend, you may wish to inquire about further details:

"Be fit and live healthy.
Come in your best exercise attire.
Sweat out unwanted pounds.

Do the effective exercise steps with the fitness expert.
Learn from our nutritional expert on healthy living.
Find out the best way to lose weight.
Know how to maintain the New You."
07:53 PM GMT+8

Some readers have written asking about bazaar schedules. For the information of readers and bazaar organizers, we usually start our bazaar listing in September, in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Anyway, organizers are welcome to send us their bazaar details even before September, and we shall provide the information to our visitors and readers. [more]
07:47 PM GMT+8

Friday, April 15, 2005

I guess I was in some black hole yesterday. Didn't even know that people were worried about an intensity 9 quake which was supposed to hit Manila at 5pm yesterday. As I read in the papers earlier today and as I heard over the radio, text messages went around like crazy warning people to get to a safe place and to pray the rosary. [more]
07:02 PM GMT+8

Thursday, April 14, 2005

What will P0.25 buy you these days? Will 25 centavos even buy you a piece of candy? I bet you you have coins lying around -- coins which you may not even get to use before they get demonetized. What do you do with these coins? [more]
01:46 PM GMT+8

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Used to be that I only worried about weight gain and dieting after Christmas. Now, I have to add the Holy Week to my list. I gained about *bleep* pounds during the Christmas holidays, lost them in a few months, and gained them back again this March. I really must stay away from long breaks at home. [more]
06:57 PM GMT+8

It's quite surprising but have received several mail regarding my Bukidnon entries. Don't really know how they stumbled on to the site but hey, it's getting found! Plus, there are probably not a lot of people who get to go to Bukidnon or if they do, they don't write or build a webpage about it. [more]
06:42 PM GMT+8

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I never did like tea as a child. I guess kids and tea don't go together. Now, tea is something I enjoy, from time to time, so I must be getting older. I turned thirty-eight years old weeks ago (get it, there tea ate?)and am looking forward to the big 4-O. Life will finally begin! [more]
01:20 PM GMT+8

Monday, April 11, 2005

One of the more popular TV shows these days on Nickelodeon is undoubtedly Spongebob Squarepants. All I need to do to realize that is look at my son Adi and his cousin Andie and watch them sing The Campfire Song, whatever that is. [more]
01:33 PM GMT+8

Friday, April 8, 2005

A reader writes asking for advice as he has fallen in love with a Filipina. What advice can I give? [more]
06:58 PM GMT+8

A reader writes inquiring about where she should stay in Bohol. I only have personal knowledge of one resort in Bohol (Alona Palm Beach Resort) as that's where we stayed. I highly recommend Alona Palm to any visitor in Bohol and I suggest you take the Day Tour which they arrange so you can see the more famous tourist spots in the area. [more]
06:49 PM GMT+8

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

It does not matter how old you and I are. Our mothers will always love us and will always look at us and see a child. I suppose it can be unnerving or unsettling at times, particularly when you reach 30 or are pushing 40, but that's just how mothers are. They just love us to death! I should know. I'm a mom and I fiercely love my kids. Does not sound so tender does it -- but the strength of a mother's love, I suppose, is just unfathomable. [more]
07:06 PM GMT+8

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Pope John Paul II will be laid to rest this coming Friday. We Filipinos join the rest of the world in praying for his soul. Leading the Catholic Church, in this day and age is no easy task -- but Pope John Paul II was more than up to it. [more]
07:42 PM GMT+8

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