There Tea Ate: I Age, You Age

I never did like tea as a child. I guess kids and tea don't go together. Now, tea is something I enjoy, from time to time, so I must be getting older. I turned thirty-eight years old weeks ago (get it, there tea ate?)and am looking forward to the big 4-O. Life will finally begin!

My friend thinks it's strange that I look forward to growing older. She worries about wrinkles and how she will be while I can't wait to have more time to myself to just do nothing. Sure, I'll worry about finances and health by then -- but so what? Doesn't everyone? Besides, each year that I age brings me closer to my target of living till 100.

My parents are both 80 years old and are both well and quite active. Diet and temperament don't seem to contribute to being healthy -- as my parents are poles apart in these areas. They do exercise regularly (so have tried to do this also) and hear mass daily which I have yet to do.

The other day, I was at the beauty parlor for a haircut and a footspa. In the parlor with us were 2 ladies, aged 90 (and they did not look 90!) and the owner of the parlor said that they even had 1 customer who was 95 years old and would still go ballroom dancing and swimming in a bathing suit (just the swimming part, okay?). I guess I better go to the parlor more often... You know what they say about feeling good and living long...

So, don't fret about aging. Every year is a gift. And as I read previously somewhere and always like to say, "Old is always ten years away."

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, April 12, 2005]

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