P.S. to Bukidnon

It's quite surprising but have received several mail regarding my Bukidnon entries. Don't really know how they stumbled on to the site but hey, it's getting found! Plus, there are probably not a lot of people who get to go to Bukidnon or if they do, they don't write or build a webpage about it.

Reader M. writes to share some information about the Del Monte and Menzi Farms. You can read my other Bukidnon entries and see that I didn't get any information on where these were. Our reader says that both places are about an hour's drive from Malaybalay. From her e-mail, I understand that visits to the Del Monte plantation are free and do not need to be arranged beforehand. As for the Menzi Farm, previous permission must be obtained from their office.

Anybody out there who knows the email or phone numbers where these two can be contacted? Write us please. To Reader M. -- thanks for letting us know just how far these places are from Malaybalay.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, April 13, 2005]

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