Quick Comparison of Bohol Resorts

A reader writes inquiring about where she should stay in Bohol. I only have personal knowledge of one resort in Bohol (Alona Palm Beach Resort) as that's where we stayed. I highly recommend Alona Palm to any visitor in Bohol and I suggest you take the Day Tour which they arrange so you can see the more famous tourist spots in the area.

Questions were raised about Panglao Nature Island Resort and Bohol Beach Club. I haven't been to those places personally but I have received feedback from people I know. A co-faculty of mine at UP visited Panglao Nature Island Resort and she was happy. She also recommends that I visit the Bohol Bee Farm so I will probably do that and stay at Panglao Nature Island (or is it Island Nature) Resort the next time I get to Bohol.

Bohol Beach Club? I have received conflicting views. An acquaintance went there and was happy. This person is quite picky so for her to rave about a place is something else. Boo Chanco, though, (yes, the business columnist at the newspaper The Philippine Star) whom I do not know personally also, however, practically complained about everything there -- from the rates, to the quality of the food, to the facilities. So don't really know now which is true.

As for other places to consider, am also looking at Bohol Tropics in Tagbilaran City itself -- largely because it has a pool with a slide -- for the kids.

That's all folks!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, April 8, 2005]

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