Earthquake Scare Via Text

I guess I was in some black hole yesterday. Didn't even know that people were worried about an intensity 9 quake which was supposed to hit Manila at 5pm yesterday. As I read in the papers earlier today and as I heard over the radio, text messages went around like crazy warning people to get to a safe place and to pray the rosary.

The prayer part, that's okay. The warning about an earthquake, that's another thing (like can anyone really predict?). I guess the text is related to that e-mail which is also making the rounds about a nun who supposedly predicted the tsunami in Asia last December and how there is another prediction that Manila will slide into Manila Bay because of an earthquake soon. When I read that e-mail I thought it was just my luck to be located in the right place as from my office, I have a view of the sunset and of...Manila Bay. :-) Of course, in that same e-mail there was a reminder to pray to avert or prevent such an event from actually taking place.

No one sent me that earthquake warning text yesterday. Not that I'm complaining. Ignorance is bliss. Kidding aside, either my friends are not panicky...or they couldn't care less about what happened to me. I've convinced myself that they are just not panicky. Besides, am also not the type to pass such things around and to panic.

As Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto were discussing the whole incident this morning, Arnold Clavio says: "Ang pinakamaganda niyan, handa kang mamatay kahit anong oras." Oo nga naman. We know not the place nor the hour. So just pray, take courage, and enjoy life. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just take a peek and check out the condition of the bay right outside my window... Happy weekend!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, April 15, 2005]

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