Philippine Culture: April in the Philippines

The month of April, which is about to end, is still typically a Holy Week month. It is also still part of the summer season and temperatures start to rise even more. The nights get really humid even as kids enjoy their vacations from school. Speaking of school, parents also troop back for their kids' enrollment for the next school year which starts in June.

Because of the heat, there is an increased incidence of diarrhea, heat stroke, and food poisoning. April 15 is also the last day for the payment of taxes or for the filing of income tax returns and since we like to do things photo finish, most individuals and companies scramble to beat the deadline. There will be news of "tax evaders" while employees will feel bad about the amount of taxes they have paid as they cannot seem to see any real progress in the type of service they receive from government or even a reduction in corruption. Oh well.

As for the festivals and celebrations, there is the Manaoag Pilgrimage during the second week of April. The Lady of Manaoag is located in Pangasinan and devotees flock to the Shrine of Manaoag to ask for all sorts of petitions and favors -- from passing a Board exam to the healing of a disease, etc., etc. Most of the time, devotees who get what they pray for return to give thanks and may make it a habit to go every year as a sign of gratitude. I think I have been to the Shrine once on the way to Baguio. I don't think I asked for anything specific then. Anyway.

That's it for April.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, April 29, 2005]

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