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Brown Becomes You
By Angelica Bautista Viloria
January 30, 2001

Let us take a break from politics, parenting, travelling, musicals, literature, and food. This article will focus on a topic which has brought me and numerous other individuals to a site like Themestream, writing.

Writing, obviously, is something I enjoy doing. It is quite addicting and getting myself into the habit of churning a piece out weekly is a welcome thought.

Not many people, though, attempt to write. Most of us have probably been raised thinking that writers are born, not made. Well, writers are indeed born and so were you, right? To me, every individual is a writer. Some people just need more prodding than others.

Why is the title of this article such? What follows are actions which any writer, budding or expert, confident or unsure, must take. If you look at the first letter of each word signifying the particular action, you will see that they spell out the color mentioned in the title. The color's name is a mnemonic device for every writer to remember things he or she should take to heart.

Believe. As a writer, there must be things you must be passionate or excited about. These will give you topics for numerous articles. Some amount of confidence in one's self is likewise necessary since the act of baring your thoughts, ideas, and opinions may lead to comments or feedback which may not be exactly flattering or to your liking. No matter what readers say, just scribble or type on. You may wish to take some of their suggestions seriously but in the end, it's really your opinion of your own writing that counts.

Read. Savor the printed word. Go through all kinds of publications. Classics, newspapers, best sellers, fashion magazines, gossip, even trashy stuff. The Bible, surprisingly, is a good source of lyrical writing and unique imagery. Exposing yourself to all sorts of books and readings will teach you good and bad writing and will also help you find a style you are at home with and which you can truly call your own.

Observe. Be attentive to details, to things and people around you. Spot a moment and turn it into a poem, essay, or story. As writers, we continuously realize, that the world teems with characters and situations fit to be captured on a page.

Write. Just like driving a car or riding a bike, you can't say you know how to write, till you do. People can attempt to teach you writing techniques or give you tips (like I am doing now) but the proof of it all is getting something down on paper, regularly.

Note. Always carry a pen and notebook with you. These will help you remember your ideas and assure you of getting something down when inspiration strikes. It also prevents you from writing on paper napkins, which is not bad at all, but which may look pretty strange to people who have not experienced the thrill of having words being dictated direct to your head, from out of nowhere.

As the title says, brown becomes you. Brown is the color of the earth. Can you imagine a world where no one loved to write? How would you learn of what's happening around you? How would you be entertained? How would you be taught? How would we express our love?

Brown is the color of soil, from which good things like food grow. From writing, we grow in self-knowledge. We touch other people by giving words of encouragement and inspiration. We comfort. We help give birth to dreams. Each person is born a writer. BROWN becomes everyone.

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Brown Becomes You
Written January 30, 2001
Copyright © 2001 by Angelica Bautista Viloria of

Angelica Viloria is a Filipina mom, living in the Philippines, who works in a credit rating company, and occasionally posts articles in her family homepage at