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Onward To Shopping-less Hong Kong

By Angelica Bautista Viloria of Viloria.com (Family travelogue written on June 27, 2001)
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When I was younger, the mere thought of Hong Kong brought two things to mind: endless shopping and very good Chinese food. Now, having a kid can really change one's perspective. We were in Hong Kong from April 30-May 5. Apart from some mandatory pasalubongs (i.e. gifts that we Filipinos bring home when we travel), we hardly did any shopping. This didn't stop us from thoroughly enjoying our trip.

In the next few paragraphs, we will share with you the highlights of our Hong Kong trip. As you will see, Hong Kong is not only for die-hard shoppers but also for kids. Places to Visit:

Half-day City Tour

Our package included a half-day city tour which went from 9am to 1pm. We didn't get to learn much and didn't really appreciate the places we went to since the stay in each place was quite short and there wasn't much explanation either. It was also raining. We started the tour at Jewellery City, a jewelry shop owned by Jackie Chan and which was run by a Chinese who had Filipino ancestry and who had lived in Ilocos for years. It was unnerving to hear him speak Tagalog and Ilocano all throughout. Didn't make any purchases though and really could not understand why that should be part of a city tour.