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Hong Kong Travel Tour: Science Museum

By Angelica Bautista Viloria of Viloria.com (Family travelogue written on June 27, 2001)
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The Science Museum at Tsim Sha Tsui does not charge anything on Wednesdays so we decided to visit on the said day. Otherwise, you'll have to pay something like HK$25-35 per person. There were a lot of school kids though on the day that we went there but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

The Museum has a lot (and we mean lots) of interactive displays that kids (and even adults) will enjoy and through which they learn about different scientific concepts. The displays were nice although having numerous displays was a bit too overwhelming for me.

There were the electricity and magnetism displays (see electricity move through your body), the hatchery (where you see actual chicks being hatched), super-big bubble makers (rectangular and enough to enclose your entire body), an anti-gravity mirror (which makes you appear like you're off the ground even if you're not), a sound absorbing room, among other things.

You could also view the life-cycle of a frog (with real frogs at different stages of the cycle) and make music or sound by breaking colored light beams with some paddles. It's a good place to be a kid all over again.

Allot about 3-4 hours for this place.