Anaheim Travelogue 2007

Text and Photos Copyright © 2007 by Angelica Viloria.
Other photos Copyright © 2007 by Manuel Viloria. All Rights Reserved.
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Coco's Bakery Restaurant in Anaheim
It was past 10pm on the day that we arrived in Los Angeles and we still hadn't had the chance to have dinner. We had checked in quickly at Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate (more on this in a future entry) but we really needed to find a place where we could get some food.

Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate
During our trip to Los Angeles, we stayed at Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate (operated by Marriott Hotels). How did we choose this hotel? I did some research on the internet and my brother, who is US-based helped with information on what rates are reasonable for this time of the year. He likewise confirmed that Residence Inn is a nice and clean hotel.

Universal Studios Tour
Back to regular programming -- back to our Viloria Vacation series. While in Los Angeles, we visited Universal Studios which is a good one hour by car from Anaheim (where Disneyland is.)

Buy Disneyland Tickets
We bought our Disneyland Anaheim tickets at the Disney desk of the Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate. The regular price of a Disney ticket is USD 63 if am not mistaken, but you get some discounts if you buy a ticket for more than one day.

Anaheim Resort Transit
To get to Disneyland Anaheim from Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate, we would take the Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) which is a transportation system for the greater Anaheim Resort area. The pick-up and drop-off point is very near our room (near Building 6 on Clementine St.) and this is for the G route.

Disneyland Anaheim Tour
On the day that we set out to go to Disneyland Anaheim, it rained. Not just some drizzle -- but it really rained. We then spent the longer part of the day stuck in our hotel room. By mid-afternoon, the rain stopped, and we decided to make a go of it.

Disneyland Anaheim Vacation
On our second day at Disneyline (oh, I meant Disneyland again), we had a full day. A wait of 30 to 45 minutes was usual, for a 15 minute ride or attraction.

Disneyland Anaheim Tips
A visit to Disneyland Anaheim is always something that families with kids look forward to. During our last vacation, we, of course, had fun but in hindsight, we may have enjoyed ourselves more if we had "the proper frame of mind" for it or if we had already learned the lessons from this latest trip.

St. Boniface Catholic Church in Anaheim and Fr. Augustine Vu
Since we were going to be in Anaheim on a Sunday, we asked our hotel about the nearest Catholic Church and mass schedules. The nearest Catholic Church to Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate is St. Boniface Catholic Church, located at 120 N. Janss Street, Anaheim.

Anaheim Hotels
Before we went on our US trip, I surfed the internet to find a hotel to stay in when we were in Los Angeles. In the next few days, I will write about the Anaheim hotels which responded to my inquiries.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort
This is another hotel that we considered for our stay in Anaheim. It is also run by Marriott (similar to Residence Inn, which ended up as our final choice) and is said to be located one half block from Disneyland.

Carousel Inn and Suites Anaheim
Another place we inquired with was Carousel Inn and Suites. Although they were fully booked for the dates that we were looking at, Craig Carbonniere, Front Office Manager, still replied to my e-mail and gave me the information that we needed.