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We bought our Disneyland Anaheim tickets at the Disney desk of the Residence Inn Anaheim Maingate. The regular price of a Disney ticket is USD 63 if am not mistaken, but you get some discounts if you buy a ticket for more than one day.

There are 2 to 5-day Hopper tickets which allow you to visit the park for several days. It likewise allows you entry to the newer theme park located near Disneyland, which is Disney's California Adventure. One-day tickets are usually just sold at the gate itself. It makes good sense to buy the Hopper tickets at the hotel as it will save you time in lining up just to purchase your tickets to get into the park.

Everyone aged 10 and above will have to pay the regular price while anyone below 10 gets a slight discount. This is quite logical as a younger kid will not be able to get on some of the rides due to height restrictions.

We bought the 2-day Park Hopper for all of us. The regular price is USD 122 per person while for children, the price is USD 102. As you buy a ticket for more days, you can generate significant savings as the price per day goes down. This is ideal if you are staying in Anaheim for a long time and intend to spend the bulk of your time just concentrating on Disneyland.

We were in Anaheim for a limited time and on the day that we intended to go to Disneyland, it rained. We ended up just staying in the park for about a day and a half -- so we didn't get the full benefit of our tickets. We didn't even get to take a peek at the other park -- California Adventure. Anyway, it always gives a reason to come back.

Our park tickets, by the way, were valid from January 3, 2007 till January 15, 2008. Since they were two day park hoppers, our tickets said that these would expire 13 days after the first visit. Disneyland tickets are therefore quite flexible in terms of when you may use them -- so you can also purchase them online. This flexibility, however, contributes I think to the huge number of people in the park, on any given day, such that the park is too crowded and the lines to wait for your turn to ride too long. That, however, is another story.

If you wish to read more about Disneyland and check how you can buy your tickets online, you may visit this Disney website and click on Tickets and Reservations or anywhere that it says: Tickets Only.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, May 15, 2007]

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