Kawasaki Disease Syndrome

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07/23/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles
Today, we begin a series of articles on our experience with Kawasaki Disease. This series is not meant to replace professional medical advice. It is merely a re-telling or a sharing of what we/Ali went through from June 13-June 30 in the hope of informing more people about the disease...

08/09/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Symptoms to Watch Out For
When Ali first had a fever that weekend, I thought it was just one of those viral things although it was strange that her fever was pretty high (39-40 degrees celsius). She did not have any cough or colds but she was complaining that her neck (her throat, I guess)was itchy or painful and this was the first time she did this in all of her two years.

08/10/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Diagnostic Tests, During and After
While Ali was confined in the hospital for Kawasaki, she had to undergo a lot of tests. For Kawasaki in particular, she had blood tests (several times and several ccs worth), as well as 2 2D echocardiograms.

08/11/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Baxter's IVIG
When a patient is diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease, the objective of the attending physician is to reduce the risk of cardiac complications. In Ali's case, she was given IVIG twice, one dose given on the 5th day of her fever (June 17) and another on June 25.

08/19/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Comfort Food and Some Other Tips
I never thought I'd see the day when a doctor would actually tell me to feed my kid chips and other junky stuff but I did. When Ali was hospitalized for Kawasaki, she totally lost whatever little appetite she had.

08/24/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Pedia Unit, Monitoring
We stayed for 2 weeks at the Pediatric Unit (PA-3, if I remember right) of St. Luke's Medical Center. Compared to the other sections or rooms, the pediatric unit rooms are a bit smaller (lower rates too)and not as depressing.

08/25/2004: Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - On Prayers and Faith
Each time we survive a difficult experience, our faith is strengthened. And so again, we thank all the people who said a prayer for Ali. People known to us or unknown. Close relations or friends or those who are not even acquaintances.

09/10/2004: Kawasaki Disease: Ali Updates
We were at the doctors last weekend and Monday for Ali's regular monitoring for Kawasaki Disease. Her 2D echo was normal and so the next one is scheduled in December 2004. That will be the last!

12/22/2004: Kawasaki Disease Update: Ali is Well!
Ali just had her last blood test and last 2D Echo last week. Her 2D Echo was normal and although her CRP reading was still quite elevated, her doctor thought it may be due to a viral infection. She is now off aspilet - which she took for about 6 months - and does not need to return to her doctor anymore.