Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - On Prayers and Faith

Each time we survive a difficult experience, our faith is strengthened. And so again, we thank all the people who said a prayer for Ali. People known to us or unknown. Close relations or friends or those who are not even acquaintances. At some point, during the two-week stay at the hospital, I commented to my sister-in-law, that maybe Ali was not well yet as we have not reached the collective quota in terms of number of hours in prayer. And so, we prayed some more...

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There are several lessons I learned from this entire experience:

1. Even in difficult times, we will always find things to be thankful for: material resources to have enough to get good medical care and to give needed treatment; doctors who not only give of their time and skill but who also strengthen us spiritually; Ali's particular case wherein all the symptoms manifested early enough to make diagnosis easier; etc., etc. It is true, that even when a situation is not welcome, some good will out.

2. Difficult times lead us to pray more and we lead other people to pray too. I don't remember how many times I texted friends/relatives for updates and asked them to continue praying. Sometimes, I think the event was designed to really get all these different people, in different places, under different circumstances, to pray.

3. When frustrated, just let God. I think there were about 2 or 3 occasions throughout our entire stay in the hospital when I was just simply tired. Tired from waiting for things to get better. Tired from seemingly unanswered prayers. In all cases, though, I was literally forced to just say -- "Bahala Ka na..." In a sense, it was letting go and letting God take care of things. And in every case that I did that, things always improved. It was as if God was teaching me to just rely on Him. For a control-freak like me, it is difficult not to know what to do or what to expect - but those days, I really did realize that I am not in control. No one is. That is solely God's area.

And so as I fretted over Ali's seeming lack of response to the first treatment, God made the water outside her heart disappear. As I got frustrated over her fever coming back, God let me know, through her doctors, that that was alright. Throughout that stay in the hospital, God assured me that He loves Ali more than I could ever love her.

So, again thank you to all. Also to Sister Love who prayed over my daughter through the phone even if she knew me from nowhere. And for those seeking encouragement in their own difficult situations, I point out the following Bible verses:

Psalm 23: "...Surely goodness will follow me all the days of my life..." (Surely, not might and all the days of your life!)

Matthew 6:8 - Take courage! God always knows what you need.

Philippians 4

Mark 2:5 - All it takes is faith!

Matthew 6: 25-34

The Bible is filled with "healing episodes" and I am sure you will be led to those other verses as you need them. That happened to me. And so, if someone in your family is sick right now, I shall offer a prayer that he/she will be healed by God's grace and through your faith.

As for Ali, she is due back at the hospital in early September. Join us in prayer as we ask for a normal 2D Echo, normal blood readings (so she can stop her aspilet), and full recovery with no trace of that disease known as Kawasaki.

That ends our Kawasaki series. Good health to your families. God bless! :-)

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 25, 2004] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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