Kawasaki Disease: The Ali Chronicles - Diagnostic Tests, During and After

While Ali was confined in the hospital for Kawasaki, she had to undergo a lot of tests. For Kawasaki in particular, she had blood tests (several times and several ccs worth), as well as 2 2D echocardiograms.

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Aside from those, the doctors had to do a urinalysis, a stool analysis, and an X-ray to rule out other problems which may be causing her fever or may be prolonging the time within which the fever might disappear. It is quite traumatic for a child to undergo all of these and quite draining for the parent too.

After being discharged from the hospital, the story does not end. There are tests which continue to monitor the child to ensure that the Kawasaki Disease does not have any long-term effects.

In the case of Ali, she was discharged from the hospital on June 30. July 17, we were back in the hospital for a 2D Echo (which thankfully is normal) while last July 31, we were back for a blood test.

Ali will require 2 more normal 2D echos before the six months from discharge is over for her to be cleared by her doctor. Her first blood test after discharge from the hospital shows that some of the readings are still higher than normal although these have dropped a bit. Our doctor tells us that normalization may take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. Another 2D echo is scheduled in early September, same with the blood test.

So, we shall be frequenting the hospital still till about December. We ask for your continued prayers for Ali that she will be fully healed sooner than later. As early as now, we thank you for the time that you will spend praying for Ali.

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