SeaWorld and Going Home...

First Stop: Sea World
Rating: 2 kangaroos - worth hopping on to also

We spent the day at Sea World, in the Gold Coast. We were sorry we didn't bring our swimming gear since there was a waterpark inside. Oh well, there will probably be a next time.

We rented a whale (or was it a dolphin, I never figured it out) stroller for Adi for AU$10 (about P250 for the whole day) since we didn't want to tire ourselves carrying him by the time afternoon came.

Ed, Edd and Adi Adi's favorite place at Sea World was Cartoon Network's Cartoon Beach. Again, most of the rides in this area would be tailored to kids Adi's age. We had a photo opportunity with Dexter there. Adi also enjoyed the Carousel, Woody's Beach Trucks, the Air See Rescue (a helicopter ride which goes up and down and around), the Airborne Barrel Brigade (a plane ride), and of course, the Coca Cola Truck. There was also Dexter's Fountain where kids, in swimming gear, can run and play near the sprinklers all around.

We got to ride the cable car and the monorail in the park, which Adi also liked.

There are a few scheduled shows (usually about twice throughout the day) which one can go to throughout the day. The Ski show was really no great shakes, for us. We could have missed it. The Quest for the Golden Seal (with seals, what else?) and the Dolphin Cove Show were okay but the tricks were really not all that different from those shown in other places like Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Still, Adi managed to enjoy himself.

Adi and his dad also went on the Flume Ride, a water-based roller coaster type of ride, with a steep ascent and a sudden drop. It was Adi who said: "I want to ride that." Devoted dad that my husband is, he volunteered (or was it more like I coerced him?) to go with Adi. After all, what are dads for?

Second Stop: Conrad Jupiters Casino
Rating: 1 kangaroo - hop on to this only if you have extra time

We had dinner with Tita Edna's son, Lester, at Prince Albert where they serve pretty good lamb. The place is a hotel-casino, so it's noisy and smoke-filled. Looking at the people around, it wasn't really a hotel for families. Anyway, it probably wasn't that noisy since Adi slept all throughout dinner. He didn't even eat.

Going Home

So, ends our travel to the Land Down Under. It was a good time to be together as a family. The last time we were together for an uninterrupted eight straight days was when Adi had dengue and was confined in the hospital in 1998. Not too good an occasion to remember.

This was a good trip. We saw new places, met new friends, learned new things. We appreciated another country's set-up, systems, and attractions, yet were also thankful for everything that we had back home. So, till the next trip, mates!

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