Movie World: Our Kind of World
Rating: 3 kangaroos - hop on to this immediately

This is one of the best theme parks I have been to. It's big enough to be interesting yet small enough to be manageable and not too overwhelming. Adi enjoyed himself a lot and if you were to ask him which was his favorite place in Australia, he would say: Movie World, without a doubt.

Before we write about the attractions that we saw and enjoyed, here are some other things which you may want to read through:

Adi with Pikachu Check out your Movie World Map and note the attractions that you wish to see. Other features (like the Looney Tunes Star Parade, the alley where you can have your picture taken with Batman, Pokemon headquarters where Pikachu appears) have specific times so it would be a good idea to check out the schedules first so you can plan your day.

Adi wearing a Batman mask Make sure you get your kid a "showbag." Showbags cost about AU$14.95 (about P374) and these feature certain characters with various items inside. We got Adi a Batman showbag (what else?) and this contained assorted candy (very yummy too!), a small Batman toy, a mask, a glass, placemat, and thermos. So if your kid or some kid back home is crazy about a certain character, a showbag is a good gift to get.

Be on the look-out as you walk through Movie World. All throughout the day, characters will be walking around and they will be available for photo opportunities. As we went about the theme park, we saw Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Joker, and the whole lot of characters.

As for the attractions we enjoyed, here they are:

Batman Adventure, the Ride: Adi wasn't tall enough to meet the height requirement for this. My hubby and I took turns watching Adi though, so we could try this. This gives you a tour of Bruce Wayne Manor and then you go on a simulation ride. The ride makes you feel as if you are in the Batmobile with Batman, going through Gotham City and battling the bad guys. The ride is exciting and a bit jerky. Not for people with weak necks and stomachs.

The Looney Tunes Stage Show: This has two showings, noontime to early afternoon. It takes about twenty minutes and characters like Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Tasmanian Devil, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, and Lola Bunny take you through dances and music throughout the years. They move to Flashdance, Michael Jackson and Madonna songs, rap, among others.

Looney Tunes Village: This is the perfect place for a three-year old kid like Adi. Most rides are suited to kids his age. There's the train (with Looney Tunes characters carved out of the mountain like Mt. Rushmore), the cars which kids can drive on their own, and the fire truck, which was Adi's favorite.

Marvin the Martian in the 3rd Dimension: This 3-D film takes about 20 minutes and is shown at the Roxy Theater at 30 minute intervals. Everyone wears special glasses so you feel like you're part of the scene and there are objects hurtling towards you, among other things. Interesting.

The Looney Tunes Star Parade: all the characters join this parade which goes around the Fountain of Fame before noontime. Visitors of the themepark will see all the Batman characters, Police Academy, Austin Powers, Wonder Woman, Looney Tunes, and Pokemon.

Adi posing beside Batman Adi's all time favorite though was the alley where Batman and Robin make their appearance. We must have returned there about three times. The first few times, only Batman was there, so Adi kept looking for Robin. During the times when no one was in the alley (for it wasn't time yet for the characters to appear), Adi would ask: "Where are they?" To which I would answer: "They're resting." Adi then says: "I want to rest with them." What was I to say?

It was a good day at Movie World. One day is enough although if you really want to see all the attractions, two days should be allotted.

On the way back to the hotel, the tour bus dropped us off on the other side of the road, opposite the Marriott Resort. We didn't see any pedestrian lanes so there we were, making a go of it, on a main road. Upon entering the hotel, we asked the concierge what was the safest way to cross the street from the other side. He then told my husband that there's a pedestrian lane further down where we can cross and then walk up to the entrance of the hotel on the right side already. What we did was quite dangerous but if we could sprint fast enough, it should be no problem. He then asked my husband where we were from and when he heard Philippines, the guy said: "You should be okay. You run fast enough." Hooray for the Filipinos who've had their training along Edsa!

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