To The Gold Coast

We stayed at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort. It's a very nice hotel (sort of reminds me of Shangri-la Mactan, in Cebu, in the Philippines). They have a series of native-looking, fan-like contraptions on the ceiling, which are very relaxing to watch. They have several pools, which guests can enjoy, including a lagoon with sand, and even fish which you can see when you go snorkeling. The breakfast buffet, though, also does not change from day to day.

My in-laws have very good friends living in Brisbane. Tita Edna drove all the way to Gold Coast (one way takes about an hour) to see us. She brought us to Brisbane where we went around a bit although the time really didn't allow us to see much.

Petrie Tableau: Brisbane's First Settlers We went to visit City Hall, where Adi posed in front of the Petrie Tableau, with the kangaroos. Tita Edna also pointed out the hotel where General Douglas McArthur stayed and the building where he planned his Pacific campaign. As Gen. McArthur said: "I shall return." And so, we shall also return to Brisbane, one of these days.

We saw Tita Edna and Tito Lito's house and their dogs, Peewee and Tara. Peewee and Tara looked suspiciously at Adi, sniffing him once in awhile. They looked jealous. I think they thought a new pet had come to stay.

We had dinner at Redlands Sports Club (did I remember right?) where they have a good buffet. The choice of food is quite varied (e.g. salads, meats, Chinese food, several desserts) so we enjoyed ourselves.

Adi with Tita Edna and Tito Lito To Tita Edna, Tito Lito, and also to their son, Lester, thank you for spending time with us. Tita Edna, by the way, is a healer. You may visit her Holy Heal web site. She also accepts healing requests via e-mail. All you need to do is give her the name of the person or animal, and some basic information with regard to what they're suffering from. They will then be included in a "healing book." It was an interesting drive to Brisbane. You don't get to talk about "things not happening by chance," "programming," "healing," and the soul too often.

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