Off We Go To Australia - Adi's Plane Ride

Photo of a lampin or cloth diaper. The flight to Sydney (from Manila) leaves at 9:10pm and arrives in Sydney at past six the next morning. Adi was really looking forward to this trip to Australia that he has continuously been chanting: "I want to go to Australia" since February.

We were off to the airport at about 6pm. Adi was excited about boarding the plane. When he saw our car which would take us to the airport, a look of disappointment was on his face while he asked: "Where's the plane?"

I had to explain to him very patiently that we had to go to the airport first. "Where's the airport?" "Where's Manila?" "Where's the Philippines?" "Where's Asia?" "Where's the world?" I guess you have an idea how my trip to the airport went.

We took Qantas all the way to Australia and back (Is it true that Qantas never crashed as Dustin Hoffmann would say in Rainman?). They're very punctual. We arrived on time every time (we took about 4 plane trips) and the plane would always leave within 10-15 minutes of the scheduled time. Their food is pretty good although on the flight to Sydney, we had to ask for water about three times and still didn't get any. Why is it that the stewardesses only regularly offer you coffee or tea everytime?

For kids on board, the stewardess would give a Max Pack. This is a knapsack (with the character Max, of course) with various things inside to entertain children. Adi's Max Pack had some playing cards, a Taking Off with Max activity book (with mazes, pages to color, dot-to-dot activities, stickers), colored pencils, and the Long Flight Board game. We didn't have to bring books and toys after all. Anyway, better safe than sorry.

It was a long flight, more than 7 hours to be exact. As the plane was taking off, Adi kept asking: "Is it up?" As the plane was ascending, Adi still kept asking: "Is it up?" "Is it up?" For quite some time, I kept saying: "Not yet". As soon as the plane was cruising at its regular altitude, Adi again asked: "Is it up?" To which I answered: "Yes." Adi looked at me and then cleverly replied: "I want to go down." This was going to be one fun trip. I already knew it.

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