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HI! I'M ANGEL V. I am presently working for the sole credit rating agency here in the Philippines. I went to Poveda Learning Center, formerly known as Institucion Teresiana, for elementary and high school. That doesn't mean that I speak conversational Spanish though. I have an MBA from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where I also taught at the College of Business for four years. I also took my undergraduate course at U.P. I don't make much use of that course for my work though and I've forgotten most of the stuff I've learned there. So as not to do my School a disservice then, I'd rather not go into greater detail.

I collect Calvin and Hobbes and Cathy comic books. I enjoy reading humorous, self-help, and inspirational works. Some business books, I enjoy, but novels I can rarely stand. I don't have the patience and the time. Not unless they're the Michael Crichton, "can't wait to get to the next page" type. Amy Tan is also okay.
I like writing. Poems and essays, mostly, although having such a heavy workload sure has a way of killing one's creative juices. I'm trying to get back to the habit of regularly writing now, even when I'm not depressed or feeling bad.
I love food. I eat because I enjoy the taste and texture, not because I need to eat to survive. I also like travelling. I still have to save enough money though for me to really get to go around. I like clothes and would probably spend a fortune on them if ever I got to win the lotto.
I am also an Inter-NOT. I don't surf the web nor am I nuts about computers and related stuff. The only thing I like about computers is that I can revise what I'm writing without killing a lot of trees. I only use computers for my work and for writing stuff like these. I do love my hubby, ManuelV, who's very interested in computers and to whom I'm ecstatically married, very much though.
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