Korean Culture: Traditional India Ink Croquis

During our stay on Jeju, Island, we visited the Korea House at Jungmun Resort Complex for an afternoon of Korean Art and Culture Immersion. While there, we were treated to seeing different art forms from making ceramics, paper, kimchi and even seeing traditional Korean games.

One of the featured art forms there was the Korean Traditional India Ink Croquis. There were artists making black and white sketches of visitors who took time to pose for a portrait.

The artist who drew my portrait was Ji Young Lee. For her to finish her drawing, I had to sit still for 15 minutes and I was told that it was very important for me not to move my eyeballs. I was asked to focus on a particular spot all throughout. Something like a focal point in Lamaze, during childbirth?

It was only after a few minutes that I realized how difficult it is to sit still. Other staff at the Korea House were explaining that the color black is seen as a combination of all colors and that it brings out the spiritual aspect.

And so, I now have a black and white portrait of me - especially drawn, all the way from Korea. Next time, I shall tell you about Pictorial Calligraphy.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, July 9, 2004]

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