Prayer and An Inspirational Verse

When I got back to the office after Ali was discharged from the hospital, my boss gave me a card with an inspirational verse on it. I share it here now as I know that once in awhile, we all get our share of difficult times. It is during such times that we often turn to more heartfelt prayers and I suppose, after sometime, things work out. So, may this touch your heart and give you strength:

There's A Reason

For ev'ry pain,
that we must bear,
For ev'ry burden,
ev'ry care,
There's a reason.

For ev'ry grief,
that bows the head
For ev'ry teardrop
that is shed,
There's a reason.

For ev'ry hurt,
for ev'ry plight,
For ev'ry lonely,
pain-racked night,
There's a reason.

But if we trust God,
as we should,
it all will work out
for our good.

Have a great week all. Please include in your prayers our fellow Filipino, Angelo de la Cruz, that he will be released unharmed and that he will be safe. Pray for strength for his famiily and may the government be guided in the right direction in negotiating for his release. Ask God to touch the hearts of his captors so that all may turn out well.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, July 12, 2004]

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