Jeju, South Korea Travelogue

Text and Photos Copyright © 2004 by Angelica Viloria. All Rights Reserved.
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Korea Travel (July 8, 2004)
"Now it's time to start the Jeju Island, Korea travel series. In the next few days, I will be recounting some memorable things during my visit to Jeju Island sometime May 2004."

Korean Culture: Traditional India Ink Croquis (July 9, 2004)
"During our stay on Jeju, Island, we visited the Korea House at Jungmun Resort Complex for an afternoon of Korean Art and Culture Immersion. While there, we were treated to seeing different art forms from making ceramics, paper, kimchi and even seeing traditional Korean games."

Calligraphy in Korean Culture (July 13, 2004)
"In pictorial calligraphy, the artist will write/draw your name using various designs (e.g. birds, trees). The letters of your name, in effect, are made up of various drawings."

Teddy Bear Museum in Island Jeju (July 15, 2004)
"This is one interesting place where one can be a child again. I've never seen so many bears in such creative poses/costumes."

The Filipino Singer as Entertainer (July 16, 2004)
"Well, when I went to Jeju Island, I had the chance to listen to a couple sing and play the piano/keyboard at the Pokpo Lobby Lounge at the hotel where I was staying. The couple looked and sounded Pinoy but of course, I was not sure."

Botanical Garden, Sculpture, and Catholic Church in Island Jeju (July 20, 2004)
"We tried to go around as much one Sunday and we first went to Yeomiji Botanical Garden."

Toilets and Philippine Politics (July 21, 2004)
"As we end the Jeju Island, Korea series, let me write about two side topics which I encountered during the said trip. Not too unrelated, I suppose, considering how dirty politics can get in our country."