Spa de Tricia at Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel

I live for massages and each time that I go on vacation, I make it a point to go for a massage if the service is available at the resort. At Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel, there's Spa de Tricia and a one hour massage costs P500.

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That rate is reasonable by hotel or resort standards. You can have your massage in the privacy of your own room or at the massage area itself. You just need to make a reservation a few hours before. I chose to just go to the massage area since with my two kids around in the room, I doubt it if I can get a massage in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

The spa staff at that time used pretty strong strokes at the start but I requested her to adjust to make my massage lighter and more relaxed instead. She was able to so I had an enjoyable massage.

When we go on vacation, typically, we do things for our kids but somehow, sometime, I will find the chance to escape for an hour or so to treat myself to a massage and to have the relaxation that I desperately need.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, August 10, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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