D' Mall in Boracay

The last time we were in Boracay (which was years ago prior to this vacation in 2008), D' Mall wasn't even around yet. So during this year's visit, we made it a point to check out D' Mall.

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D' Mall is five minutes away by multicab from Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel. You can also actually walk to D' Mall and this should take you about 20 minutes.

It will cost you anywhere from P7 to P10 per person (for a group of four going at the same time) to take a tricycle from and to Boracay Tropics although on our way back, we were charged P50 for the trip. Anyway, on the way to D' Mall, we got a free ride courtesy of the resort's shuttle service.

We looked around the place and saw shops where you could buy beach-related items, as well as pasalubong (gifts and souvenirs for the people back home). You could go rock-climbing for P50 each and play basketball showdown for P35.00. There was a whole range of eating places to choose from -- from Chinese to Korean to Japanese. You name the type of cuisine, it was there. There was also a Budget Mart (a grocery/convenience store) where you could get all of your supplies and needs.

If you would like to stay at a resort which is near D' Mall, the ones that we noticed which were right beside D' Mall were: The Tides, Red Coconut, and Sun Village. If you are located near D' Mall, it makes it very convenient for you to walk on over and choose an eating place. At the same time though, you'll fall right smack into a very commercial area which has lots of people over time.

There's also a ferris wheel in the area but I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you (particularly if you happen to be a kid). We checked the ride out as my daughter wanted to go. We were told by the guard that the ride would only start operating at 4pm. It was only about 3pm so we decided to go around D' Mall first as my daughter really wanted to ride. After one hour had passed, we came back, and the same guard said that they're still not running the ride since the operator was not yet there. I started to get irritated since he should have informed us that "operating hours" were not regular. I was feeling disappointed for my daughter who was so looking forward to the ride after waiting for so long and she still could not ride. Add to the situation the fact that the guard did not even apologize nor did he even look concerned about my disappointed child. Oh well, that's customer service for you.

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