Boracay Vacation: Luna Rossa Restaurant

Just a short walk from Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel, we had dinner at Luna Rossa one night. The place serves Italian food but the serving sizes are quite small for the price that they charge.

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We spent P1,000 for our dinner and we weren't really full. We just wouldn't go hungry for the night. In other words, bitin.

We liked the Boracay Pizza with its thin, crispy crust, tomato and cheese. It was not very filling though. We also ordered the Trio Pasta which was a combination of three kinds of pasta: penne with tuna and cream, spaghetti with chili and olive oil, and pasta with tomato sauce, onions, and seafood. My son enjoyed the chocolate shake too.

The food was served in 15 minutes so we didn't wait very long. We couldn't pay by credit card though at the end of the meal since "wala po yung accountant." (The accountant is not around.)

It took some time to give us the receipt and we had to follow up with someone who looked like the restaurant's owner. He looked very familiar and so my husband asked him: "Did you use to appear on Sic O'Clock News?"

The guy smiled, said yes, and then, as an afterthought, added: "But I'm not Jimmy Fabregas."

Well, we knew that. We just couldn't remember his name. Maybe I will Google for the Sic O'Clock News Cast one of these days. When I see his name, I will remember. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, August 9, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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