Boracay Trip: Glass Bottom Boat Tour

We wanted to do something different (or something we haven't tried before) on this Boracay trip, so we decided to go on Boracay's Glass Bottom Boat Tour. It was alright although I thought it was quite expensive at P750 each for individuals aged six years old and above and P300 for kids aged 5 years old and below.

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The entire trip runs from 2 to 4pm and everyone meets up at 1:30pm. The walk from the organizer's booth to Boat Station 3 where you will board the glass bottom boat can be quite tiring for kids.

The boat can fit 16 people. While on-board, you will be served candy and snacks (from Universal Robina Corporation or URC), as well as water. You will be able to see different kinds of fishes (we didn't find Nemo though contrary to what the organizers said), coral, and sea creatures like the blue starfish.

I expected more diversity in the types of fish that we would be able to see. We saw a fish which looked a bit like Nemo but was colored black and white instead. I also thought the corals would be more colorful and in some places, the coral looked dead. I guess that's what happens when we don't take care of our natural resources. At one point during the boat trip, my daughter actually asked: "Who threw garbage into the sea? How come I saw plastic?"

There were long, yellow fish and fish in pastel colors. We also passed by Crocodile Island and saw some buco and ice cream vendors. At some point, we stopped in the middle of the sea and the manongs/kuyas taking care of us in the boat urged us to swim and use the snorkel that they brought along. I was feeling a bit seasick while the kids were a bit bored and sleepy so Daddy Manuel was the first one to get off the boat and swim.

I joined Daddy Manuel after awhile (complete with life vest as we didn't want to risk anything bad happening in 14 feet of water) and the water was surprisingly warm. Using your goggles, the fish looked pretty near but we were told that the water there was 12 to 14 feet deep.

By the way, we were told that if you don't want your goggles to fog, use some Joy dishwashing liquid to clean them before using them.

If you wish to book yourself on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour, you can contact Rose at +63 910 423 0517 or at +63 906 518 6749.

You can also visit for details.

Aside from the Glass Bottom Boat Tour, they also offer Sunset Trips for P799 per person, complete with snacks, a fully stocked bar and food which includes all the Yellow Cab pizza you can eat! We didn't get to try that trip though.

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