Boracay Travel: White Beach

The long stretch of sand and water at Boracay is called White Beach. That's where they have Boat Stations 1 to 3.

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I don't know if it's just me, but the sand at Boracay appeared whiter to me years ago. The sand is still very fine and never gets too hot for your feet but it just appears less white these days.

Still, the kids enjoyed playing with the sand and the water. At night, we were also fascinated by the sand castles that the kids would build.

We went swimming in the morning and in the late afternoon and we discovered that the beach water is much cleaner in the morning. Boracay is a beautiful place but it's just kind of sad when you're swimming in the water and you suddenly get hit by a pancit canton wrapper or worse, an old slipper! When will we learn to take care of nature and the beautiful resources that God has given us?

My daughter enjoyed collecting rocks and shells on the shore but I told her that after we played with them, we should put them back. We shouldn't bring them home to keep for ourselves. Same thing with the sand. Such resources are meant to be enjoyed by everybody -- if she wanted a souvenir from the beach, we could go and buy a t-shirt.

The kids really enjoyed the water a lot and during our playtime, my daughter asked me: "Which pool do you like better Mommy -- the one in our hotel or this one?" I had to tell her that we weren't in a pool -- we were in the sea but it doesn't really make a difference what you call it since it was fun anyway! Well, she liked the sea better...

As I mentioned in a previous post, Boracay Tropics is not a beachfront hotel so it did not have any benches or area of its own along White Beach. We ended up staying in front of Carmela de Boracay where they had some benches. Right before it, were the benches of One MGM which were marked as "exclusive for hotel guests."

Since the Carmela de Boracay area had no signs, we thought the benches were for everybody. After staying there for quite some time though, a guard approached us and was saying that we should pay him P300 for all the 3 benches that we were using.

Well, in any situation, the rules must be spelled out first before you can charge. My husband ended up moving all our stuff to just one bench and paying the front desk only P100.

On one other occasion, we just found a place to sit and used our towels (from Boracay Tropics) for our things. E di tipid!

So when in Boracay, enjoy the beach. But please do your share in keeping the water clean by not throwing your stuff into the water. Remember too that the sand is for the beach and not for your home or office. Same with the shells and corals.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, July 27, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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