Boracay Vacation: Sunset Turo-Turo and Grill

When vacationing in Boracay, tourists will usually have a wide array of eating places to choose from. On our first night there in May 2008, we walked along the beach in search of a place to eat.

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We chanced upon Sunset Turo-Turo and Grill. Turo-turo, a Filipino term, translates literally to "point-point" as you will see the food displayed and you can point out your choice to the staff or to the food servers.

Each of us ordered a simple meal - one viand, rice, and a softdrink. My son got the pork chop while the rest of us got the chicken or the pork barbecue. The serving sizes were okay (you won't be very full but you won't be hungry either) and the food tasted alright. What surprised us though was that the whole meal only cost the four of us P385! Even our meals at Jollibee, I think, come out more expensive.

So we were talking about the meal and I happened to say that Sunset Turo-Turo Grill was a "reasonable place." My daughter Ali then asked: "What do you mean by reasonable?" I then replied by talking about getting good value for your money afterwhich she asked: "Oh you mean the price is low?" What can I say? My daughter is the queen of instant perception.

Sunset Turo-Turo is a no-frills eating place where you can get acceptable quality food at reasonable prices.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, July 26, 2008] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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