Boracay Tropics: Areas for Improvement

We now continue with our Boracay series. Sorry for the long break but some topics got in the way. While we generally enjoyed our stay at Boracay Tropics (we wrote about the things we liked in a previous post), there were a few things that we didn't like too much. Some of these things can be improved while the rest are probably things guests will have to live with.

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1.It's a 10 minute walk to the beach. - This is both a good point and a bad point. While it affords you the chance to exercise, if you are traveling with kids, your kids can get tired and complain. Furthermore, the area surrounding the resort itself is not that appealing. You have narrow, dirt roads which can get pretty dark at night.

2.No benches at the beachfront. - Since Boracay Tropics is not located at the beachfront, it has no area with its own benches. You can borrow towels from the front desk to use at the beach but it's always much more comfortable to sit on a bench or a chair. In our case, we ended up renting a bench from Carmela de Boracay. More on this in a future entry.

3.The Kids' Room is not appealing to kids. - The resort has what you call is a Kids' Room but it's actually just a small enclosed airconditioned area. There are some toys that kids can play with but they are pretty old and do not look appealing to kids nor to adults. We checked out the room and my kids didn't even ask us to stay for awhile so they could play.

4.Non-breakfast food is quite expensive. - Breakfast is the resort's best bet. When we arrived, we had merienda at the resort and we spent about P1,000 already. The pancit canton was quite salty. The bread used for the sandwiches was quite hard. The strawberry shake just used syrup instead of fresh fruits.

Despite the above, staying at Boracay Tropics was pleasant over-all. We wouldn't mind staying there again.

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