Mom's a Stewardess: The Book -- Coming Soon

Today, May 11, 2008, is Mother's Day. We greet all mothers out there, wherever they may be, in whatever size, shape, and form -- a Happy Mother's Day.

It is also the day that I let everyone else out in the net in on the fact that over the past few months, I have been busy finally living out my dream. As early as September 2007, I have been in talks/discussions with Claretian Publications about a book proposal. I had submitted a proposal for a book called Mom's A Stewardess (Or Why There is No Vacation from Your Vocation) -- Stories of Stewardship and I found a publisher!

The book is set to be launched on July 9, 2008, at 3-4 pm at the Hope Center Conference Hall. The Hope Center is located at the Aurora Milestone Tower, 1045 Aurora Blvd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. If you or anyone you know would be interested to attend the book launch, please send me e-mail at and put Mom's a Stewardess Book Launch as your subject line. Please e-mail me on or before June 7, 2008.

We are now in the finishing stages of completing the book. I finished the writing part as early as February 2008 (so total writing time was about five months -- late at night and on weekends!) and the past few months have been a blur in terms of getting the artwork for the cover done, editing, lay-out, and proof reading. Even as I write this, I need to proofread the second version of the whole book before we have the blueprint done.

It has been a tiring, fulfilling, and learning experience. Each time I walk into a bookstore from hereon again, I will have a different sense of awe and respect for all the hard work that people put in to bring us those shelves and shelves of books.

What is the book about? It is about motherhood. It is about stewardship. Stewardship is about realizing that everything we have has been entrusted to us by the Lord. They have been entrusted to us for a good reason and that is for us to use all that we have to be a blessing to people around us.

You will never find those stories elsewhere as they are stories from my life. Why should my life be of interest to you? Because each person's life is interesting and each has a story to share.

Sometime back, when I rewrote my About Page here on, I wrote that I hope to live till 100 so that I could eventually publish a book. I am 41 at the moment and have one of my dreams within reach. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. I couldn't have planned things better.

To all Mothers, Happy Mother's Day! The book may come a bit late for Mother's Day as it will still be out in July 2008 but any day is a great day to honor our mothers. In a way, with this book, I express, on behalf of all children around the world the gratitude that we feel about having our mothers. They are blessings from the Lord and the best way that we can show our love and respect for them, is by living our lives well and by discovering what we are uniquely called to do.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, May 11, 2008]

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