Mongol Pencils

Did you grow up using Mongol pencils? I did. All throughout my student life, I used that plain-looking yellow pencil -- either number 1 or number 2.

I remember Mongol pencils since recently, in preparation for the coming school year, I have been slowly buying my kids their much needed school supplies. Years have passed and yet, when I look at my son's school supply list, it's still there -- good old Mongol pencils.

I like the tagline of Mongol pencils in some of their ads which I saw before: "Ang lapis ng magaling." Ang galing talaga ng Mongol ano? Brands come, brands go but when you think of pencils, what's the first brand that comes to mind? Mongol siyempre!

I am not in any way connected with the company that makes Mongol nor did they give me anything for this post. I am just truly amazed at how the product has kept its position in the market all these years.

I had lunch with a Filipino friend who was visiting from Kazakhstan (where she and her family are based for now) and she shared with us her stories about how the classmates (or more like the parents of the classmates) of her kids there liked Mongol pencils so much. The point does not break easily and they found Mongol pencil to be more durable than the mechanical pencils that their kids were used to. So when my friend came home for a brief visit, the parents asked her to buy Mongol pencils for them!

It shouldn't be surprising right? What do you expect from a product or brand that has lasted more than 40 years?

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, May 4, 2008]

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