Advice from the Elderly

I like talking to older people. Perhaps I should rephrase that -- I like speaking with mature individuals.

They make a lot of sense and have tons of interesting stories to tell. We learn a lot from them too.

It is probably for these reasons that you can even turn to the internet for advice from senior citizens. What if you are in your teens to 30s, with a pressing issue at hand, and you have no parent or grandparent to turn to?

You can check out This website features senior citizens, aged 60 to 105 offering free advice to those who need it. According to the site, they have 600 volunteers.

Visitors can ask questions on relationships, careers, and just about everything that may be bugging them. You may not accept everything that an elder would say but wouldn't it be interesting to see things from another perspective?

Hmmm... interesting concept. Maybe when I'm 60 and if am still blogging by then, Lola Angel will have a lot to say. Haha. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, February 29, 2008]

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