Distance Breeds Togetherness

Life is sometimes too busy that it is very difficult to catch up with friends. Special effort is necessary to be able to come together and meet up.

I rarely see my school and office friends these days. Take my UPMBA batchmates, for instance. Save for about 3 or 4 friends whom I see more regularly than others, it may take years for us to put a lunch or a dinner together.

The last time a good number of my UPMBA batchmates saw each other was when a friend of ours was leaving for Kazakhstan. That was in 2007. Just last weekend, we got together again (just 5 of us now) as our batchmate, who is now based in Kazakhstan with her family was in town for a brief vacation.

That's what I mean by distance breeding togetherness. It is strange -- but most of the time, it is the people who leave or the people who vacation here who make it easier for a group to bond and meet up. It's true for my UP MBA friends. It's true for my high school barkada. It's true also for my office friends. It's the same thing with family and relatives.

I guess when we're all here in the Philippines -- we tend to relax a bit and take comfort in the fact that we can always see each other at a moment's notice. When someone moves away or comes back for a short time only though, that's when we probably realize that time spent together with friends is truly a blessing.

To all my friends, near or far, thank you for all the years that we have been friends. My life has been so interesting with all of you. One day, you should all blog. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, February 25, 2008]

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