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When a woman gets married, it is imperative for her to get a good make-up artist and stylist so that she is sure to look radiant on her wedding day. It is also important for the couple to hire a savvy wedding photographer to capture the best smiles and moments of the day.

After all, the couple, most especially the bride, will be looking at these photos for the rest of their life! Imagine if you don't look good at all -- the thought or that reality will haunt you forever.

I attended a wedding earlier today and flashed on the screen during the reception, were very attractive photos of the couple. The bride and groom had a photo shoot some time ago -- garbed in wedding attire -- and their pictures looked great to say the least. There were none of the traditional poses. Each photo was dramatically, humorously, or creatively conceptualized that both bride and groom looked like movie stars. They looked like they had just stepped out of a fashion spread from a glossy wedding magazine or were promoting their latest popular korea-novela.

Did I mention that the groom is a photographer? I guess he was pretty involved in the way that the pictures came out. That would probably be an advantage if you were marrying a photographer -- you can be assured of great pictures for the rest of your life!

So all of us at our table marveled at how our sweet, beautiful officemate was presented as a gorgeous, sophisticated woman. The bride looked radiant. The groom looked dapper and happy. Their wedding photos will be perfect. To the couple, our congratulations and best wishes! Here's wishing you warm smiles and laughter in the years to come.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, March 2, 2008]

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