Manila Peninsula Siege and Antonio Trillanes

Thanks to my MBA batchmate Anna, even if I was holed up in our office yesterday, I still found out early enough about the coup in the making. I texted Manuel who continuously updated me about what was going on as I did not have any access to the internet or a television.

We were sent home at about 3pm so our three-day weekend got longer. =) Traffic was light on the way home and when I got to the house, we monitored the news closely.

What's it with Makati and now Senator Antonio Trillanes? First, it was Oakwood and now, the Manila Peninsula. I wonder how much it will cost to repair or replace the door of the hotel which got rammed by an armored personnel carrier (?). Was that even necessary at all?

"How do you solve a problem like Trillanes?" GMA is probably saying. Trillanes, on the other hand, is probably going bonkers, trying to figure out how to get GMA out of power. At least he had the guts to try a second time.

An officemate rode with me on the way home and she was a bit apprehensive about the things that were happening. I told her with confidence: "Walang mangyayari diyan. Hindi dadanak ang dugo. Mga Pilipino pa? Magpa-party lang sila."

And true enough, when we caught the news when we got home, what did we see? People smiling and posing in front of their cellphones. Sure, they were subjected to tear gas and were subsequently brought to Bicutan but other than the curfew which was imposed, what has happened?

It takes a lot to make Filipinos angry. We laugh at our miseries and come up with the wittiest jokes out of every and any situation. We are not a vengeful and bloodthirsty race and that is why after all these years, we are where we are politically and our so-called leaders have made a big joke out of the way this country is run.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 30, 2007]

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