Diaper Rash

Does your baby suffer from diaper rash? I am sure as parents, we all worry when we see our babies' red puffy skin around the nappy area.

Am I glad that I am through with those days. Both my children had mild cases of diaper rash in the past although it was nothing that a little Desitin couldn't cure.

There are a lot of diaper rash creams out in the market but in the case of my kids, Desitin was most effective. In the earlier years when it was still not available here in the Philippines, my mother would even buy it from the US.

Sometimes, the kind of diaper we use may not agree too well with our babies so it may be good to experiment with different brands until you find one that will make your baby most comfortable. In the case of my son Adi, Huggies was perfect for him. In the case of my daughter Ali, she was most comfortable with Prokids.

We should also look for the best wipes that will work well with our babies. In our case, Pigeon (the unscented one) was our choice.

If you see that your child has a bad case of diaper rash, it is best to consult your pediatrician immediately to prevent the condition from worsening. You can help your baby by doing nappy changes more frequently; by making sure that the nappy area is kept dry and by rinsing it with water when you clean your baby's nappy area. You may even want to "air" the nappy area from time to time -- by allowing your kid to go without a diaper sometimes.

Well, just like everything else in life, your baby's diaper rash shall soon pass and we're all glad that such is the case.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, August 9, 2007]

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