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While most women get a kick out of buying clothes, bags, and shoes (well, sometimes, I enjoy that too), I particularly enjoy shopping for office and school supplies. Ever since I was young, I've always liked anything remotely related to paper, pens, and absolutely anything else you can use for studying and working.

I remember when I was taking up graduate studies and we would be required to submit our answers on legal-size pad, you could spot my paper from the end of the classroom. Why? While most of my classmates would use the usual "yellow pad," mine would be anything but yellow -- on some days it would be pink, blue, etc.

I like pens, post-it notes, notebooks, and paper products in general. During our recent US vacation, it was tempting to buy all the nice (and reasonably-priced too, I wouldn't buy anything expensive!) paper products and stationery that I saw. On one shopping trip, we were supposed to shop for clothes, but I spied a Staples store nearby and decided to go there first. It was fun and interesting to look over all the office and school supplies in that place.

I ended up buying some journals, notepads, and notecards. I also got myself a very colorful set of Bic Mark It Permanent Markers. I was so happy to find it since usually, when we talk of permanent markers, we just think of black. Now, I have 36 colors to play around with. Makes labeling my kids' school things more fun.

If you want to check out office and school supplies, you may want to visit

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, June 19, 2007]

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