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When in the US and you wish to do some wholesale shopping, be sure to drop by Costco. You are sure to generate significant savings although be ready to buy in bulk.

When we were at my brother's, my kids liked a certain kind of breakfast cereal that they had. Since we practically finished all of it, my brother bought more including 2 extra boxes for us to take home. Each box had two packs of the cereal inside. The boxes were big that we actually had to take 2 packs out of the box when it was time to pack as we couldn't fit them in our luggage anymore.

My brother took us to Costco one time for us to do some "pasalubong shopping." We bought candies, chocolates, and Adi's rice krispies treats. While there, I saw Ali's Cetaphil lotion which was being sold in packs of 2. It was so cheap compared to Manila prices. Each bottle was more than double the size of the one being sold in Manila but was being sold at less than half the price per bottle. Too bad I didn't have enough luggage space. I only ended up buying 1 pack of 2 bottles but I guess that will last Ali quite some time.

Manuel also bought some SD cards for our digital camera and they were also sold at lower prices compared to Manila.

There were other interesting items like snacks, photo albums, and even scrapbooking materials -- all sold at reasonable prices! Too bad, we had no plans of using up our 8-luggage allowance coming back to Manila. I mean, who was going to lug all those bags and what car would we ride coming home from the airport?

Imported magazines were also sold at 30% off the cover price. You could also get some See's gift certificates so you can buy See's chocolates at the store at discounted prices too.

So, when in the US, be sure to drop by Costco. You can read more about Costco at www.costco.com

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, June 18, 2007]

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