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We likewise dropped by the Bath & Body Works store. Bath & Body Works products are not as readily available in Manila (as Victoria's Secret) -- I see them mostly in the bazaars and tiangges come Christmas time.

Bath & Body Works offers sprays and splashes, lotions, shower gels, liquid hand soaps and foam soaps (which I like!), among others. If you can time buying during a sale, you can get your items at one-half or one-third of the price compared to the prices here in Manila.

Till June 3, 2007, by the way, if you buy items worth USD 10, you can get a free Temptations or Signature Collection Body Lotion. This offer is valid when you buy at the shops or even online.

You can check out the offerings of Bath & Body Works at their website:

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, May 30, 2007]

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