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We dropped by the Victoria's Secret shop at Hillsdale to get some lotions, body spray/body splash for gifts. Aside from beauty products and cosmetics, Victoria's Secret also offers lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, among others.

The body splash and/or body spray are pretty popular here in the Philippines because of their light scents which are perfect for Manila weather.

We compared the pricing in the US and here and the mark-up of small stores selling imported goods is quite minimal for cash purchases (about P15 per bottle). For credit card purchases, the mark-up is about P115 per bottle. The bigger department stores, on the other hand, have a mark-up of about P150 per 236 ml bottle, assuming that they buy the product at retail prices.

There's even a store in Robinsons Galleria which sells Victoria's Secret's body sprays on a per ml basis. If I remember correctly, they sell it at P4 per ml. This is about double the price per ml -- if you buy the whole bottle in the US (at regular retail prices).

The best thing to do when shopping in the US and if you are US-based, is to watch out for the sales. Usually, the prices of the items are slashed in half and if you re-sell the goods here in Manila, you can make a respectable profit.

If you wish to view the other offerings of Victoria's Secret, you can visit their website at

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, May 29, 2007]

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