Panglao Island Nature Resort Contact Information

A reader of wrote us to request for the contact information of Panglao Island Nature Resort as she was planning to vacation there this March 2007. For other readers looking for similar information, here it is again:

1. You can contact the Bohol office at 038 411 5982. This is probably the most efficient way to reach them. They have all of the information you need like room rates, room availability, etc.

2. You can contact their Manila office at 724-1051 to 52. You can opt for this to save on long distance calls if you are Manila-based. At the outset, though, they can only give you the rates as they will still need to coordinate with the Bohol office regarding all of the other information. At the time that we booked at about this time of the year, the Manila office sounded like they were just operating out of a house. The people who likewise answered the phone were not very helpful nor marketing-oriented. I then resolved to just deal with the Bohol office directly.

3. You can fill up their online form at Internet service in Bohol can be quite erratic. At times, it may take a few days to get a reply via e-mail. But if you fill up their online form to reserve, there is a bigger chance that they will get back to you rather than if you sent them e-mail directly.

If you would like to read more about Panglao Island Nature Resort and Bohol, please visit our Bohol 2006 travelogue page.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, February 5, 2007]

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