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As I was preparing to write an article on education and training, I came across this funny anecdote, attributed to that prolific writer, Anonymous:

"One day, a mother comes home from work and asks her son, 'What did you do today?' The son replied, 'I taught our dog how to play the piano.' The mother, incredulous, asked, 'Our dog can play the piano?' to which the son laughed and replied, 'Of course not, mom. I said that I taught him; I didn't say that he learned how.'"

All of our life is spent learning. We learn both useful and useless things. Some things we learn right away, others take time. Some lessons we remember, others are just for the short-term. Bottom-line, the faster or the more effectively we learn, the higher the chances of us succeeding in our chosen field or activity.

In various organizations, employees undergo training so they can do their work better -- ideally. Are you interested in helping people in your organization learn better?

Boyet Ongkiko is a certified teacher of Dialogue Education. He can offer Dialogue Education training on an in-house basis, as well as other modules on training enhancement, organizational development, and strategic leadership. Global Learning Partners, which offers Dialogue Education courses through its certified teachers, is a North Carolina corporation specializing in teaching curriculum design and facilitation skills for learners in the university, non-profit, corporate, and government sectors.

To learn more about Dialogue Education and the training and seminars that Boyet Ongkiko offers, please visit www.AtYourWord.org

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, January 2, 2007]

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