Christmas Gift Wrapping

One of the most stressful activities of preparing for the holidays is wrapping gifts. Don't get me wrong -- I actually enjoy wrapping gifts -- it's just finding the time and place for it that can increase my blood pressure.

I usually do my wrapping either early in the morning or late at night. Bottom-line, the kids have to be away. This will make sure that my "wrapping materials" stay intact and it also guarantees that my kids will not blabber away about what is inside the gift. You know how kids are.

Wrapping gifts has also become quite expensive. The really nice, glossy ones at the bookstore can sell for anywhere from P15 and above apiece and they're not really very large. The cheaper, okay type of wrapping paper usually sold in the bazaars and tiangges (something like a flea market of sorts) go for about P5 apiece.

Well, this year, I tried wrapping some of my gifts with Manila Paper. =) Manila paper is a yellowish-brown paper with a smooth finish and is made from Manila hemp. It's super cheap -- only P2.50 at National bookstore for a size equivalent to about 4 wrapping papers! Then I just decorate it with ribbon (which I would have done with the regular wrapping paper too, anyway) and some stickers (the stickers are already sunk cost -- I have lots stashed away!). The Manila Paper can also save you costs on gift tags and cards as since the paper is very plain, it is nice to write directly on it. You just need some colorful gel pens that you can get at a low rate at a place like 168. Sunk cost uli. =)

Ah... the joys of wrapping gifts, particularly when you can be creative and economical. Any gift wrapping ideas you wish to share?

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, December 5, 2006]

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