Pre-Owned Designer Bags: PreLoved Luxury

I met Anna Pecjo in one of the bazaars recently. She has a business called PreLoved Luxury and she sells pre-owned, original and authentic designer handbags.

She has a showroom located at 14 Corona St., Village East, Cainta, Philippines. She sells designer bags like Hermes, Gucci, LV, Prada and other well-known brands. I asked her about her pricing and she says that it would be about 30-35% off the original price. When I was talking to her, someone was interested in a Gucci Bowler's Bag and if I heard correctly, it was selling for P60,000.

If she does not have something that you are looking for, you can let her know and she may be able to source it for you. You can check out her bags at her website

or contact her at +63 920 925 7439 or at 656 2195 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

If you do get to call her or buy from her after reading this, please let her know that you learned about her business from Thanks!

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, December 4, 2006]

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