Amazing Allysen Interactive Playmate Doll

I read about Amazing Allysen, an interactive doll which is recommended for girls aged 5 and up. The 20-inch tall doll, listens and responds to key words and phrases, and can recognize voices and remember facts about her friends (e.g. favorite subject).

Little girls can thus have a "pretend playmate" with whom they can converse. Amazing Allysen's face can also show certain emotions like surprise, joy, being tired, etc. She comes with fashion items and accessories like brushes and cell phones so your daughters can enjoy role-playing to the max.

You can search for the toy at Amazon although so far, reviews of the product have been conflicting. Some parents are happy with the product as the doll can do a lot while some complain about needing to play with it in a quiet place (I guess so the doll can process the information from your child) and the difficulty in setting up as you start playing with the doll.

Anyway, you can do your own research and see if this doll will be interesting for your daughter. The doll is a bit pricey. Prices I have seen range from USD 70 to USD 100.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, December 4, 2006]

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