Goodbye to my Koreanovela World

We're moving offices this Monday. I took a long, hard look at Manila Bay from our office window last Friday and said goodbye to the Manila sunsets.

This is the third time I am moving office location with the same company. I still don't know what the new office will look like but I am going to miss the old workplace a bit.

Goodbye to Robinsons Place mall. To the Rajah Sulaiman fountain. Baywalk. Megastar Restaurant. It was a good 6-7 years there and it was there where I felt the presence of Koreans here in the Philippines. There was a Korean travel agency right across our door and riding the elevator or going to the bathroom made me feel like I was trapped in some Korean telenovela.

Speaking of koreanovelas, are you also a fan of Winter Sonata or Jewel in the Palace? My older female cousins thoroughly enjoyed these stories and rave about them to friends and relatives alike. They say the stories are good, the English subtitles well-done, and now, when my cousin watches Mission Impossible III, she finds it too violent already. She's also interested to visit the park in Korea where they shot Winter Sonata. Like did you know that the male star of Winter Sonata has a strong following in Japan and elsewhere and that there are "Winter Sonata" tour packages offered?

Oh well, maybe when I'm older with more time on my hands, I'll get to watch Winter Sonata. As for now, am eager to check out my new office address and see whether life will be gentler and kinder there.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, May 6, 2006]

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