Did you ever have a pet as a kid? We had a dachshund before, named Duchess. He was actually my brother's dog but when my brother left for Europe, I inherited the dog!

It was fun having that dog around. He had shiny black hair, looked like an overstuffed hotdog, and he was frisky and playful. As soon as I would get down from any car, he would run quickly to greet me. I was also lucky that while I had that dog, I had our cook around who was fond of taking care of animals. So, I had all of the fun and none of the responsibility of having a pet.

Which brings me to the preoccupation of my son to have a dog soon. He'll have to wait a bit as he still needs to save up. In the meantime, this house has seen a parade of so-called pets like turtles, fortune lobsters, and fishes -- most of them school-activity related. Then again, you really can't bond much with such animals.

When Adi will finally have a dog is the big question. Maybe in a few years, he'll get it. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, May 8, 2006]

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