Life is a Never-Ending Cross Over

Last week, Adi, our 9-year old had his cross-over in school. It was his last day in Grade 3 and there was a ceremony to mark the kids' ending primary school and moving over to middle school by June 2006.

The parents were of course around and excited. (One more year down, 4 more years to go in grade school!). There were the usual speeches from school officials, the boys' walking over from one side of the open courts to the other, a releasing of doves (much like in a wedding?), the boys' tucking in their polos, and an appropriate song number by the boys, complete with movements.

Time really flies so fast when it comes to our kids. It's hard to believe that the boy I could carry with just one arm when he was still a baby will soon have his age in the double digits! As early as 8 years old, I could already sense that his world was changing -- still not excluding me yet not totally in synch with mine, as before. Adi is growing fast and the family can only guide, stand back, and pray that he has a good, happy, full life ahead of him. Life is a series of cross overs. It happens to our kids. It happens to us. We never ever really stand still and stay where we are. Ain't life grand?

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, March 19, 2006]

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