Did you ever have trouble with acne in your teens? Everyone goes through that stage, I guess. Acne is a skin condition common in adolescents. Tiny hair follicles on the face or body become clogged and can result in unattractive and painful lesions.

I just remembered about pimples and skin problems as Adi asked me about it a few months ago. He was asking about how much pimples I got and how I handled having them. I guess he's gearing up for acne in a few years or so.

The best way to treat acne is to see your dermatologist regularly. In my younger days (from my late teens to the mid-twenties), I would have so many pimples on my forehead. They would become more prominent and plentiful towards the time when I would have my period. Acne they say is caused largely by hormones, extra oil production, and bacteria.

Not treated properly, you may have permanent scars from your acne experience. The best way to handle acne is to always keep your hands clean and keep them away from your face. See a doctor regularly. In my case, my dermatologist then advised me to just use a mild shampoo (Johnson's Baby Shampoo or Ivory Shampoo) as the other brands may have stronger ingredients which may cause me to have more pimples. What do you know? After I shifted to those mentioned brands, my skin started to clear. So to this day, I couldn't care less about all those shampoo variants and types that come out in the market. I'm sticking to the two mentioned brands.

Also, you may go to your derma every two weeks or so for her to "prick" your pimples. Regular pricking by your derma can really do wonders for your skin. It may be a bit painful and expensive but for nice, clear skin, wouldn't you be willing to pay the price?

Prior to my wedding, I was at the derma practically every two weeks for months. The technique worked. On my wedding day, my skin was clear. After the wedding, I stopped going to the derma already. The good news is, I got older too. With age, comes less pimples. That should be one of the things that make us happy about growing old. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, March 19, 2006]

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