My son Adi and my daughter Ali were arguing this morning about who had given us our "Blue Day" book. We actually have two copies of that book. One, I bought for Adi when he was much younger and the other was a gift from one of Ali's doctors one Christmas.

Adi was then saying that the book was not given to Ali by her doctor. Ali was arguing otherwise. To settle everything, Ali asked me if it is true that the book was not given to her by her doctor. I then explained the situation and after hearing that there really was a Blue Day book given by her doctor, Ali gleefully said in a sing-song manner (with a gloating tone and look) to her kuya: "Kuya, you're mali. You're mali." (Big Brother, you are wrong. You are mistaken).

Ali looked so happy that I said: "Ali, are you happy that kuya is mali?" She replied honestly: "Yes." I proceeded to ask: "Why are you happy that kuya is mali?" She quickly retorted: "Because I'm happy that I'm correct." Who wouldn't be? Don't we all want to be correct? =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, March 11, 2006]

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